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A philosophical test

19 juillet 2016 par jerome lecoq

"In the zen monastery, the master was wandering in the courtyard when he encountered two monks who were violently arguing about a little cat which they had found and which each wanted to keep for himself. When they saw the master they immediately asked him to be the judge of their argument. The master asked them to give him the animal.

- Is this cat the reason why you are arguing ? he asked

The two monks, very upset, responded together with a flow of words each one trying to justify his position. Seeing this, the master torn the neck of the cat, threw it on the ground and left.

The two monks looked at each other, amazed. Then one of them ran after the master :

- Master ! master ! he shouted. Why did you do this ?

The master looked at him, rose his stick, beat the monk on the top of his head and kept on walking."

Now here are some questions for interpreting the story which I will comment to see how you understand it and perhaps we will also see how you think.


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