Webinar on critical thinking : is reason our master ?

jeudi 20 décembre 2018 20h00 - 21h30 on line


Knowledge is about power. To know thyself is to be able to lead your life according to the laws of reason. Therefore, if you know yourself you will have power over yourself. 
So does this mean that if you know others you will have power over them too? Not if the other also knows himself. 

Ultimately, we all agree to submit ourselves to the power of reason, since as subjects we necessarily have a master. Life is not about being free and doing what we want, it is about choosing the best master for ourselves, joyfully so if possible.

Now choosing a master is not enough, then comes the mastering of what he teaches you.
If you consciously choose reason as a master for yourself and would like to improve your thinking skills, such as questioning, arguing, objecting or identifying presuppositions, this webinar is for you.

After a short conference during which I will introduce a few guidelines and principles of the Socratic philosophical dialog, I will conduct a simple exercise with those of you who are interested and willing to take part in the art thinking with others.

This webinar is totally free the first two sessions, then will be charged 10 EUR per session, no subscription or commitment on your side.
It will be held on Zoom videoconferencing system for which I will send you the link once you have confirmed your registration.