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Curriculum Vitae

Philosophical skills assessment

You are not well at your job and you want to change but the fact of having to redo your CV discourages you in advance. You see offers coming through but you know you can't apply until your resume is spot on and you procrastinate, which doesn't move your business forward.

Your CV is probably riddled with jargon, hollow phrases, displayed qualities unrelated to experience, indigestible listing of actions disconnected from each other, “boating” experiences, skills that are useless to mention. You know it but don't have the courage to start the work of sorting, reformulating, highlighting your qualities and skills.

But do you know that redoing your CV can be an opportunity to reflect philosophically on your existence and on what you really want or no longer want?

I suggest you send me the first draft of your CV, I comment on it then we do one or more consultations together. Thanks to this work on yourself you will:

  • get to know you better

    • identify your strengths and weaknesses

    • identify your existential anchors

    • make a diagnosis of your thinking skills: argumentation, clarity, coherence, synthesis, conceptualization.

    • assess your level of: assertiveness, confidence, authenticity, flexibility, critical thinking. 

  • be clear about your intentions and your project 

  • better talk about yourself 

    • writing a powerful CV 

    • write a relevant cover letter

    • apply successfully

  • interview with serenity

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