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Jérôme Lecoq

Jerome Lecoq

I am a philosophy practitioner since 2009, after having initially worked for 15 years in the corporate world. I have always been passionate about philosophy, which led me to a PhD , initially trained in a french Business School.

After a deciive encounter, I discovered Philosophical Practice, which bound together my passion for philosophy and my desire to have a concrete impact on consciences at individual and collective level. This practice makes it possible to transform oneself by developing critical thinking skills while working on one's existence. I have dedicated my life to it since 2009.

I share my daily life between individual philosophical consultations  with my clients, online and face-to-face group critical thinking workshops, in various contexts including the corporate world, and writing essays and articles. Finally, I give conferences on very diverse philosophical themes.

I am the author of "La pratique philosophique" (Eyrolles, Paris, 2014), of "Et si Socrate revenait" (Librinova, 2022) as well as over 300 articles all listed in my blog on this site.

I am 50 years old and live in Paris, speak English fluently, and German well.

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