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Philosophical coaching

What is philosophical coaching?

It is cognitive and behavioral coaching that makes you work, in a relatively short time, on the skills and attitudes of philosophical practice. In this it is rather necessary to take the term coaching in its original sense, that of a sports training with a "coach" to train you without complacency.


These attitudes are mainly:

  • trust

  • the responsibility

  • commitment

  • astonishment

  • distancing yourself from your emotions

  • cognitive empathy


Transversal skills include:

  • deepening and discernment (which themselves include analysis, synthesis, argumentation, explanation, interpretation and judgment, identification of presuppositions)

  • the problematization

  • conceptualization


If you want to see concretely how a consultation goes, you can also send me an email ( and I will send you the video of a typical consultation.

Who is this coaching for?

Take back control of your thinking

  • For people who want to develop their critical thinking skills to be more efficient, more incisive, deeper, to have more ideas and more argued ideas.  

  • Professionals who want to expand their tools to better question, better manage, better lead, better teach, better dialogue, better think.

  • To people who have the impression that they only think by automatisms, that things are going so fast that they think without thinking, that is to say that they decide but no longer reflect on the rationality of their decisions , their implicit presuppositions.

  • To people who have the impression that they are becoming rigid, that their thinking is beginning to atrophy, to become encysted.

  • For people who feel like prisoners of the speed of the world and the grip of new technologies, ready-to-think, and who want to regain control of their thinking.


Take distance and trust

It is to develop all of these skills in order to think better, to be more lucid, more objective, to have more distance with oneself and one's emotions, with the world around us._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

But it is also to regain self-confidence by mastering these skills.     

This coaching also helps develop intellectual flexibility, openness and audacity, responsibility.


In addition, the following effects are observed regularly and acquired over the long term:

  • for skills: better conceptualize, argue, question, see the problems, make objections, be clearer and more concise, more synthetic, have a more global vision of things and at the same time precise and analytical

  • for attitude: take more distance, be more objective, more confident, more confronting and daring, more courageous and responsible, more insightful and tenacious, more open to difference and interested in others, less narcissistic and egocentric, more combative and incisive, with the sharper and more percussive spirit.

What relationship with philosophy?

A Socratic practice


Most of these skills are also philosophical skills and worked on in philosophy, but in this device most of the work is done orally within the framework of a dialogue of very Socratic inspiration and with living exercises. We also use the great authors to comment on attitudes or study presuppositions or beliefs that certain philosophers have theorized, which allows you to give a more solid and substantiated basis to these beliefs. This also allows them to be questioned in order to possibly modify them.

Terms and prices

10 sessions of 1h30 each at your own pace and at a time that suits you, in person or remotely (Skype)

This coaching is spread over 10 sessions of an hour and a half (1h30) each done either face-to-face at my office or remotely by Skype. Each session includes exercises to work on specific skills.


The first consultation acts as a non-binding test (but paying nevertheless) so that you understand how it works and that we evaluate together your motivation, your needs and your problems.


At the end of this first consultation, if you wish to undertake the program, we ask you for a firm commitment for the following 9 sessions as well as payment in advance. If you wish to stop after the first session, you will be charged for it (150 EUR).


The price is fixed at 1500 EUR for the complete program, which includes   10 consultations of 1 hour and a half each, (i.e. 15 hours of coaching at 100 EUR/h) at the time that suits you. best (including evenings and weekends). Any session canceled less than 48 hours in advance will be due. 

We do this not for commercial reasons but for pedagogical reasons: it is an intense and difficult practice and you may be tempted to give up along the way, which would cause you to lose the advantages acquired. By committing yourself financially, it gives you additional motivation not to give up along the way.

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