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Espace de travail

Objectives and impacts


Here is a recent interview in which Jérôme explains what philosophy is in the company: Philosophy practice in business

A common language beyond differences in culture and personality

The main result of the DIALOGON method is an acute awareness by everyone of their individual and collective mode of operation. This awareness allows everyone to better position themselves within the collective according to their strengths and weaknesses identified during the sessions.

Everyone can thus adjust their own mode of operation to the requirements and conventions of the group so that it is productive and harmonious, especially during intense work meetings during which one must solve problems, make decisions and ensure that everyone understands what is at stake.

Sharing meaning to create group dynamics

The DIALOGON method makes it possible to defuse a certain number of potentially conflicting situations   due to unclarified relational problems or unspoken generators of permanent tension.

The interest of the DIALOGON method lies in the fact that, due to the distancing from one's own words induced by rigorous questioning, everything becomes problematized, everything becomes thinkable and the problems can be put to constructive debate in order to be explored. , analyzed and resolved.

In addition, a non-negligible aspect is the conviviality and group cohesion induced by the method because everyone sees themselves mirrored in the others and common points are quickly found to reconstitute a common humanity within the group, humanity that the objectives of company and the procedures to be applied could have been set aside.

The method is based on the notion of commitment, a notion that affects everyone's being and the way in which they get involved with other individuals and situations, while keeping the posture of distance necessary for a calm reflection. .

In the DIALOGON method, we live what is at work and we concretely get involved, which makes it a concrete, practical and immediately applicable tool.

Group personal development

This original method allows the development of "thinking together" to give meaning to work by allowing individuals to: problematize, build a common reflection, develop an attitude of active listening, operate a critical questioning to generate creative solutions, distance oneself from one's speech to free it, take into account one's own representation of the world and the presuppositions at work in one's style of relating to others.

What we are proposing is a method of relational development, of self-development through the other, so that groups become teams and that group speaking is a speaking of the group and not the expression of whoever speaks the loudest. or one who is in a position of hierarchical authority.

Meaning at work for management

The manager is the one who must get things done, therefore make people want to do things. However, to want to do, man needs meaning, to understand how what he does makes sense for him, for his company or even for his community.

Managers need to give meaning to their activity, to take a step back from their managerial practice and probably to confront their problems with other managers: how to motivate employees who are losing meaning, take initiatives and achieve financial objectives of more and more at odds with daily reality, how to make strategic decisions at the "middle management" level coherent and relevant, how to lead constructive joint reflections and convey the right messages?

The DIALOGON method responds, through workshops and seminars, to this type of questioning by providing managers with: tools to clarify their thoughts, techniques to produce productive meetings where thinking together is not just a wish pious, attitudes to regain, within the company itself, a space of freedom necessary to develop their creativity and regain control of their profession, to restore meaning to their commitment to the company.

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